Using Lifo® in your organisation

Lifo® helps you to make the most of your resources - whatever is happening in your organisation.

Lifo® can help with major, stress-inducing changes, such as:


Lifo® can help you to take a step back and re-assess your strengths objectively, by:

  • getting to the bottom of what makes your organisation tick
  • providing a practical path to achieving effective, high-performing leadership - and identifying how behaviours can get in the way
  • looking in detail at how your organisation could develop further, using your existing resources.


Lifo® can help your people to understand, and make use of, different preferred communication styles during their day-to-day working lives. Lifo® can improve performance in areas as diverse as:

  • management development
  • sales
  • relationships with clients
  • negotiating with suppliers
  • annual salary reviews
  • setting objectives for individuals; and creating personal development plans
  • developing teamwork, including handling inter-personal conflict.

Work in organisations is facilitated by highly-trained Lifo® Consultants, and is often provided with ongoing support by staff who train in Lifo® and become accredited themselves.

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