Dealing with stressful situations

Lifo® can help you deal with stress, in everyday life and at work.

The Personal Style Survey identifies how you behave under stress, as well as in calmer everyday circumstances. Through it, you can understand more about your ‘fight or flight' response to stressful encounters; and how to minimise the likelihood that you will be forced into using non-productive strategies.

Under stress, it is easy to overplay your habitual behaviours, relying on them excessively. Lifo® can help you to understand what stressors are particularly troublesome for you. It can guide you to develop habits and skills so that you stop over-using particular behaviour patterns and thereby overcome stress.

The Lifo® survey can give you useful insights into how best to approach other people - family, friends, colleagues - when they have that ‘bear with a sore head' moment. By increasing mutual understanding, Lifo® can improve communications and raise morale at work.

Stress at work

Lifo® also helps people in organisations to deal with difficult times. It has proved to be an excellent tool for conflict resolution, as it presents individuals' different behaviours in an objective way.

Lifo® can also be useful at times of organisational change - for example, re-organisation, or downsizing. Skilled Life Orientations® practitioners can work with large numbers of staff on the best ways of dealing with stress: in one-to-one feedback and coaching sessions; and in workshops which have the objectives of creating team spirit and starting the team-building process among the newly-formed groups.

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