Lifo® for your people


Lifo® empowers people. In a non-judgmental, purposeful way, it teaches them:

  • to look at what makes them and other people tick; and
  • how they could work together more effectively.

Because Lifo® looks at behaviours rather than personalities, it is relatively easy for people to understand their preferred style of working and the styles of their team.

See Life® Orientations' case studies to see the difference that Lifo® has made to the motivation of employees in organisations of every size.

Attain goals

Lifo® workshops and coaching enable people to start to see how they can reach their professional and personal goals.

Lifo® looks at individuals:

  • how they, and the others in their team make decisions - day to day, and when the pressure is on
  • how they work with the others in their team
  • what makes other people react to them - positively or negatively
  • how they implement plans
  • how they manage their time
  • their leadership and management styles
  • how they react to change
  • how they could increase some behaviours and decrease others, for greater effectiveness
  • how they and the others in their team need to be rewarded and encouraged.

The insights that they gain through the Lifo® method will help them to unlock their potential. Their new self-awareness will focus them on how they can enjoy using their strengths; and develop towards effective and lasting high performance.

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