Lifo® for team building

Using Lifo® in teambuilding events is a really effective way of building and developing teams. Its power lies in its discovery and celebration of individual team members' strengths. Its constructive approach means that team members focus on the positives, not just what may be going wrong. Contact us for initial discussion of your needs and we can put you in touch with a Lifo® practitioner who can help

Shared framework

The objective, non-judgmental style of the Lifo® model ensures that everyone feels comfortable talking through its findings, with other members of their team. They will gain enormously from being able to explore the motivations, communication styles, strengths and preferences of themselves and of their colleagues.

Very often, using the Lifo® method as a shared framework, situations that may previously have been fraught with conflict can be discussed productively and unemotionally. Against this background, an atmosphere of trust and, eventually, of cohesiveness will be created.

Lifo® will provide a common frame of reference for assessing the team's needs as well as its strengths. It is invaluable for identifying gaps - gaps that could make all the difference to the team's performance.

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