Lifo® for managers

Lifo® practitioners can support your organisation in working through a range of management issues. These include:

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Using the Lifo® as the jumping-off point, managers explore their own behavioural preferences and strategies. They can then see how these have an impact on the way that they manage.


Building on the self-awareness achieved through Lifo® training, managers develop understanding of the members of their team: their individual needs, comfort zones and stressors. Using that new understanding, they can develop ways of communicating with and motivating each individual.

Through the Lifo® method, managers develop a toolkit of behaviours that are applicable to practical situations in the workplace. For example:

  • communicating with clients
  • clinching sales
  • negotiating with suppliers
  • motivating team members
  • handling intra-team and inter-personal conflict
  • standing firm on issues such as budgetary reviews and promotion

Lifo® coaching is also a powerful and effective way of training your organisation's leaders

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