Lifo® for leadership

High performance organisations are led by high performance individuals. The success of their leadership is partly intuitive, and partly learnt. Lifo® spans both intuition and learning to offer supportive, but challenging leadership coaching - contact us for details.

Lifo® enables leaders to develop a more well-rounded view of themselves and of their unique leadership qualities. Also, through studying feedback of individual team members, their leaders can see clearly what kind of leadership and motivation the team requires.

When to use a different style

Working with Lifo® practitioners, leaders will get help in developing new behaviours which will lead to better leadership and encourage high performance. They will also understand much more about how to achieve the outcomes they want. Team members, their peers, their seniors, important clients - each will have a unique preferred behavioural style. Lifo® training enables leaders to know when to pull on a different behavioural style to get the desired result.

Lifo® enables leaders to get a strong feel for the real culture of their organisation. Lifo® workshops empower people to be honest about current issues - so leaders must be prepared to take action!

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