How to become a Lifo® accredited trainer

Accreditation via Life Orientations® Ltd involves three days of training at one of our centres:

  • an initial two-day introduction workshop
  • a specialised workshop that explores one of the Lifo® applications.

Days 1 and 2 provide participants with thorough grounding in the Lifo® methodology. The workshop is interactive, practical and stretching. It is also fun! We encourage openness and sharing: participants will gain confidence in the Lifo® model and instruments by trying them out themselves.

Day 3 is chosen from the range of workshops on one of the individual applications of Lifo®. As well as those seeking accreditation, this workshop will be attended by established Lifo® practitioners - enhancing the learning for new users, and giving the practitioners fresh perspectives. We actively encourage new users to try out the materials they will need, before the workshop - either on real clients or ‘guinea pigs' so that they maximise their learning.

Once accredited, you will be equipped as a coach and facilitator using the Lifo® method to design and run a variety of programmes, using the supporting range of Lifo® materials.


What's included:

  • three days of workshops at your choice of accreditation centre - in central London, or a location in the north
  • a guaranteed maximum of 8 participants per trainer
  • Accredited Licensee Trainer's Resource Book
  • Full Powerpoint presentation on CD
  • Personal report explaining in depth your styles and strengths in normal and unfavourable conditions
  • All materials used during the accreditation workshops, including copies of materials for practising interpretations
  • Stuart Atkins' book, The Name of Your Game
  • Allan Katcher and Ken Pasternak's book, Managing Your Strengths
  • Accreditation to the Lifo® licensing body, BCon Lifo® International Inc
  • After accreditation, unlimited telephone and email support by Life Orientations® Ltd.

What's not included:

  • travel to and from the accreditation centre
  • Overnight accommodation. However Life Orientations® keeps a list of excellent value bed and breakfast accommodation, available on request. Workshops begin at 10am to allow for same-day travel


£1,200 + VAT per person

Ongoing support

Once you are accredited, as well as telephone and email support from Life Orientations® Ltd, you will be given the protocols to register on this website as a Lifo® Licensee - giving you access to up-to-date news, topical hints and tips plus the forum where Lifo® practitioners share their experiences.

Life Orientations® Ltd runs a variety of workshops for existing licensees, including Advanced Lifo® User workshops and Lifo® Refresher workshops.

Renewing your accreditation

There is no annual renewal fee. However licensees are required to purchase twenty Personal Style Surveys and Personal Style Resource Books each subsequent year after accreditation; and/or attend a refresher workshop or conference.

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