Excited by Lifo®

What's Next?

If you've just attended a Lifo® workshop you are probably happy, buzzing and looking forward to trying out your new-found understanding on everyone you know!

Your Lifo® experience might even make you feel that you've been struck by a lightning bolt! Lifo® is indeed powerful and it changes lives - for individuals, teams and entire organisations.

The Lifo® method celebrates people's strengths. Because it is practical and non-judgmental, it's a great way of starting a journey of self-exploration

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The Lifo® model is used very successfully by accredited professionals in HR and training departments; as well as by independent trainers and consultants.

Worldwide Community

You'll be joining a community of over 2000 Licensees accredited by Life Orientations® in the UK and Ireland - and an even bigger bunch of like-minded people (around 10,000) worldwide!

Once you are accredited, there's ongoing training available at our centres; and plenty of opportunities to share experiences and network through this site, and through Facebook, LinkedIn and at our Global Community site

As part of your accreditation, you will receive training in a Lifo® application of your choice. These include:

  • Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Organisational culture
  • Sales/Negotiation
  • Stress
  • Team building
  • Time Management
  • Parenting

Skillful, imaginative use of the Lifo® methodology has provided a new dimension for many, many practitioners. Contact us to find out how!

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