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As trainers and consultants we are faced with many choices of instruments to use in our practice and it can be a difficult decision to decide which tool to choose.

We are reading in the press more and more about the growing interest in strengths-based organisations and helping people play to their strengths. We have the ideal tool to do this in Lifo®, which not only identifies people's unique strengths' profile, but also has a sound and practical methodology for helping them realise their potential.

This practical methodology is based on a robust psychological model of fundamental, universal orientations to life, which can be applied effectively to individuals, teams and organisations. Developed by Alan Katcher and Stuart Atkins and based upon the work of Carl Rogers and Eric Fromm, the quick-to-complete survey allows individuals to gain clarity about the way they operate in normal and stressful conditions, in particular identifying their own unique strengths and potential blind spots.

The methodology is particularly strong in the way it guides an individual to new learning and development of their potential in a way that rivals and possibly surpasses other popular instruments.

Why use Lifo® in my work?

As a Lifo® Trainer you will be able to satisfy the demands of your clients, and offer a service that not only adds value, but can also be easily applied to both clients' business and personal lives.

The LIFO® Method exists in 28 countries around the world, is available in 14 languages and has been used by millions to successfully transform the way they work - increasing their own productivity or enhancing their communications with others. The success and popularity of The LIFO® Method is obvious and could become a critical tool in your training toolkit.

Using the Lifo® Method in your work will enable you and your clients to focus on how best to use strengths in many areas of your lives and businesses.

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