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Welcome to Lifo®.

At Life Orientations®, we offer management consultancy, bespoke training and accreditation for Lifo® practitioners.

Skilled Lifo® accredited consultants help people in organisations to understand their behaviours everyday and when under stress increasing motivation, employee engagement and productivity.

Lifo® stands for Life Orientations®. Orientations mean the goals, behaviours and perspective on the world that drives every single person.

We use Lifo® throughout the organisation around the world. We have used it to develop teams by helping them understand each others' strengths and preferred communication style; we have used it with managers to help them understand their impact on their team and how to motivate each individual; and we have used it in coaching our leaders.
Katie Giachardi Head of Organisation Development ACCA London

This website explains what Lifo® is and how it works in practice. The website is also a resource for Lifo® accredited consultants.

This site belongs to Life Orientations®, the agent for Lifo® in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East.